• Must replicate charts until you understand and learn placement.
  • You will not learn until you make charts.
  • Learn about the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • Memorize the angles of the pyramid.
  • You must understand the numbers you are looking for and why they are important.

Thales Method Breakdown

Fib Spirals, Channels, & Parabolas


Fib Spirals, Magnetics and Polarity Shifts…

Think of the fib spirals as polarity shifts… North and South poles, or electrical charges
(Positive, Negative or Neutral)

Finding Equalization Point Pivots

Physics and Markets

Works similarly to the wing nut in space

Number Variants & Time Ripples

Vortex Centers & Fib Channels


Make your chart
Trust your chart
Trade your chart

Interpreting Fib Spirals

Charting is a math puzzle. Solve it and get paid.


Learning The 100% Buy Line

Gann Box & Cipher Harmonics to Confirm Alignment

Get Familiar With The Math on the Chart

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