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From The Desk of GannJourneyman:

Hi, I’m GannJourneyman, 6 years ago I was a failing technical analyst with a portfolio I swear moved more than the markets themselves. I was inconsistent, traded way too much, chasing moves, and my account reflected that. I was all over the place, struggling, and that is what got me looking into Gann and started me on my Gann journey path.

That was how things were until May 23, 2019. Crazily enough I met a cartoon penguin on Twitter. His accurate artistic charts attracted me like a magnet. I was impressed and fascinated. He completely shifted my paradigm and opened my eyes to see beyond the common we all look at everyday and gloss over. Now I employ an esoteric method that he graciously taught me.

He calls it the Matrix Method.

Using this method has reduced my trading stress, the amount of trades I have taken, and given me a confidence in my charting that I never had before. The accurate charts made for better decision making and has helped my account reach 6 figures.

The best way to describe the Matrix Method would be that it is the pursuit of pure mathematics using math constants in a variable vortex standard framework to map activities in our matrix including price and time alignments of financial assets. This method taps into the ancient structures that use geo-mathematics and can be replicated.

However, this method is not for everyone though… You should not study this method unless you are willing to undergo a permanent perception change which can never be undone.

All it took for me was one chart that got my attention.

It completely shifted my thinking…

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What Is The Statistical Probability That All The Alignments of Numbers and Dates Are Random Using The Matrix Method?

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