Dali's Work

The Message Encoded In Dali’s Work

Why do Dali’s painting command high dollar value?

Could it be that there is a hidden communication in Dali’s work of art?

The message is simple, yet profound.

Time bends (melts) on the tree of knowledge


His message is also timeless because he used the math of Giza so that one with eyes to see could see it and then share it with us, like CandleBoxAI has.

Hence….the consciousness of Dali is alive and is communicated through his works.

Therefore the consciousness of Dali is still here.

The way it works is you see something that makes you pay attention.

Then it intrigues you and you study it more.

When you dedicate study, it leads you to geo traders.

When you study geo traders you wind up in his Patreon chat.

Then you use the math to make charts in 8 minutes that a year ago you were not even aware was possible

This would accurately summarize your journey.

The math is akin to getting bit by a vampire.

You “turn” into a new reality which can never be reversed and much like a vampire… you can feed on the egos of those who refute the math aka mock the charts.

Take a moment and pull up that Dali art and make the measurements.

When you actually mark up the screenshot yourself you will see more clearly