Findings In Geggy Tah’s “Whoever You Are” Song

This morning I was listening to the Trading Harmonics playlist when this song came on. It just so happened that I went to the tab that had the video playing and this is what I saw on the screen.

Check mirrors frequently…

Got an ah-ha moment seeing it.

I found this interesting as I have been seeing doubles for quite some time. (double numbers like 1111,22, 33, etc) I also called duplicate numbers mirrors before seeing this and I was curious about what all they meant exactly.


To breakdown the screenshot my interpretation of this message was this:

“Whoever you are, check mirrors frequently” and plausibly get hit by a Mack truck if you ignore the numbers

My version of mirror numbers are 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 69 96

Screenshot appeared at this time in the video too.

Found a 369 sequence.

0:30 = 3
4:29 = 15 = 6
August 29,2006 or 8 + 2 + 9 + 2 +6 = 27 = 9

Then taking the video views into account… 373,897 = 37 = 10 = 1 but the 0 that remained made me connect it as being the circle around the 369 triangle holding the cycle in place and the 1 is a new single idea manifesting.

Codex pulled from by good friend on Twitter. Here is the post if you want to dive in more.

Furthermore, the likes/dislikes were Phi variant at 1168. Phi being a rate of expansion.

Interestingly there were things on the truck that jumped out at me too.

Letters DC on truck
D is the 4th letter
C is the 3rd letter
So 43 and it’s a Pi variant or 43 = 7 the number of knowledge/understanding

The numbers on the front of the truck were quite interesting to me as well.

The truck had 656 on it

656 = 8 Infinity (all numbers), bisected vertically, and horizontally its mirrored perfectly.

How fitting…

Bisect 656 down the center of 5 and mirror the 5 only and it would look like 686 or 989 a bisected mirror.

A couple of seconds later, I see this screenshot above. We have a square and a triangle at the 36-second mark. So we went from 36 to 96 still within 369.

If you have a circle, a square, and a triangle… What do you have?

If you said Gann emblem you would be spot on…

Then the guy looks in his mirror and what does he see?

All 1’s

11 111 11

That is flipping a binary switch on full blast.

The time on the video hits 0:37… Remember 37 from the views?

You could also pull 2 – 37’s out of the view count leaving 89 = 17 or 8 the magic mirror number.

37 closed the cycle and confirmed the message with a binary YES

Numbers are everywhere.

We get hit with so much the brain has to filter through.

It is up to you to look for them.

Look at the numbers more.

The more you look for the 4 main numbers the stronger they will appear naturally.

Time, battery, articles, text messages, receipts, the dashboard of your car… There is some sort of message there.

All of the above confirmed to me that numbers need to be watched. Especially the mirror numbers and done so frequently.

Thanks for reading.

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