1 thought on “Pyramid Math & Shakespeare’s Sonnets”

  1. anthony cila

    Amazing? Makes one consider “everything hiding in plane view… Da vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ in but one example: why is a three dimension man inside a two dimensional square and circle? He isn’t… and while learned men try to explain it away as attempts at rounding the square or squaring the circle (for which the math does not work… it is something quite different as they are also three dimensional objects (a cube and sphere of equal volumes, thus the different dimmensions, if you know how to do the math…6x6x6 and 4/3xpixr3… where the volume of a sphere is always equal to the volume of the cube it resides inside of times pi/6). I didn’t realize they were three dimensional objects until I viewed the original in an Italian museum and saw that it was carved into the thick paper/velum not merely drawn on it freehand. Just imagine what else we are overlooking.

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