Collection of Cycles

Everything is cyclic.

It is your ability to tune into these cycles to know what is likely to occur next.

Seasons run in cycles
Electricity runs in cycles
Ocean waves run in cycles
Life runs in cycles
Planets run in cycles
Days run cycles…

Point is that there are millions of cycles in this world.

There are cycles within cycles that make it a fractal.

The list could go on forever.

History does not repeat itself but it does rhyme.”

Mark Twain

My intent is to collect as many of the cycles as I can and help you to easily find them.

How you will use this is up to you.

“After 52 years of experience and research going back hundreds of years, I have proved to my entire satisfaction that history repeats and that when we know the past, we can determine the future of prices.”

W.D. Gann

Planetary Cycles

Astro Body360° Cycle Time FrameMonth Time Frame
Moon27.3 (28) Days
Mercury88 Days2 Months 28 Days
Venus224 Days7 Months 11 Days
Sun\Earth365.25 Days12 Months
Mars687 Days22 Months 17 Days
Jupiter11 Years 314 Days | 4,332 Days144 Months
Saturn29 Years 167 Days | 10,759 Days360 Months
Uranus84 Years | 30,681 Days1008 Months
Neptune164 Years 167 Days| 60,068 Days1980 Months
Pluto248 Years | 90,582 Days2976 Months
North Node18 Years 183 Days | 6757 Days223.2 Months

Planetary Synodic Cycles

CyclesTime Frames (Years)
Jupiter – Saturn19.86
Jupiter – Uranus13.81
Jupiter – Neptune12.78
Jupiter – Pluto12.46
Saturn – Uranus45.36
Saturn – Neptune35.46
Saturn – Pluto33.46
Uranus – Neptune171.38
Uranus – Pluto127.48

Biblical Cycles

CyclesTime FramesReferences
Noah Cycle 370 DaysMathew 24:37
Daniel Cycle1260 Days

Significant Dates In Solar Year

January 6th15°
January 20th15°
February 4th90°
February 19th15°
March 6th90°
March 21st15°
April 6th15°
April 20th15°
May 6th90°
May 21st15°
June 6th90°
June 21st15°
July 7th15°
July 23rd15°
August 8th90°
August 23rd15°
September 8th90°
September 23rd15°
October 8th15°
October 23rd15°
November 7th90°
November 22nd15°
December 7th90°
December 21st15°

Gann Seasonal Time Periods

Gann found these seasonal time periods to align into 8th’s leaving approximately 45 days each between.

December 21stWinter Solstice
February 5thMid-Point
March 21stSpring Equinox
May 5thMid-Point
June 21stSummer Solstice
August 8thMid-Point
September 21stFall Equinox
November 8thMid-Point
December 21stWinter Solstice (Showing Cycle End)

Ways To Use This Data

Or purchase instructional videos I have created to help using this data.

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