Natal Date Collection

Collection of Natal Dates

These dates are the best I know of.

If you have a better date, feel free to let me know and I’ll list it below.


AssetNatal DateTimeSource
BTC1/3/20096:15 pm UTC
ETH7/30/20153:26 pm UTC
LTC10/7/201107:31 UTC
XRP1/1/201303:21 am UTC
XTZ6/30/201811:07 am UTC
ZCash10/28/201607:56 am UTC


AssetNatal DateTime
NYSE / Dow / S &P5/17/17924:00 am EST

How To Use These Dates

In this video, I go over all you will need to chart an asset using its natal date, getting the levels, and how to apply it to your charts.

This video is only accessible to my patrons as they help support my work.
If you would like access check it out here…

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