My Collective Research of Numerology (Thus Far)


Numerology has quickly become another one of those topics that you can find yourself getting absorbed into. What grabbed my attention is that the world runs on numbers and the numbers have meaning. More meaning than just the arithmetic. Numerology is based on the scientific principle that everything is imprinted energy.

Numbers are everywhere. In fact, we use many formulas every day to explain normal daily routines. Your brain does the math immediately without you even realizing it.

Think about when you toss something to someone. Your brain did the math. Swing a bat or a golf club? Your brain did the math. Sitting down, or standing up. Yep, it was working there too. Once you understand the math involved you begin to see how important numbers are. We are geometric beings.

With numerology, I try to find something new each day and then look to incorporate it into how I see the world. Does it fit? Does it help? 7 days are the best to seek and implement this knowledge you learn. When you do things that are in harmony with the numbers it just makes life easier. Let’s get to the nuggets in my research.

What Are The Numbers I Should Be Looking For?

I find Numerology very similar to vortex math. Where all numbers stay in the range of 1-9 indefinitely.

However, with numerology, there are master numbers. 11,22 and 33 that have a higher vibrational state.

Vortex Mathematics
Vortex Mathematics

I don’t want to lose you here with mathematics. If you want a simple walkthrough on Vortex Math I have a page set up to help you understand this better. There are several videos that I feel will help you.

This is just a simple addition combined with reductions of the numbers as you add.

Let’s look at an example.

For instance, if you add 45 and 36 together you end up with 4+5 = 9 +3 = 12 (1+2 =3) 3 +6 = 9

Even if you added it differently, say 4+5+3+6=18 (1+8) still equals 9

The major difference with Numerology is that it respects 3 master numbers. These numbers are 11, 22, and 33. These numbers are never reduced in the math sequence. I will show you how this works as we look closer at how this works with dates.

How Do You Calculate The Days To Get Those Numbers?

From what I have gathered this has been a highly debated topic by those studying Numerology. Just like the math, there are different roads that can lead to the same result or number which can make the method appear correct even when it is not. However, for the highest accuracy, you want to use the same formula every time.

The calculation is quite easy. You take all of the numbers from the date and add them up. The only numbers that are not split up during the addition are the master numbers. So let’s look at 2 examples.

Example 1

Let’s take the date 5/26/1975. To do the math all we need to do is add up all the numbers together like this:

5+2+6+1+9+7+5 = 35 then 3+5=8

So this date is an 8 day in total. It’s a strong 8 energy because even the date itself 26 equals 8 (2+6=8).

For days that do not equal the total, they are called partial days. So you can have a mix or fighting of energies. So it is good to know the total and partial energies of a day. We will get to what these numbers represent later on in the is post.

Example 2

Let’s now take a date with a master number in it. The master number can be in the month or date. Obviously only the 11 or 22 can be used here. Let’s go with the date of 11/18/2021. Also, zeros are skipped through as there is no reason to add zeros.

11+1+8+2+2+1 = 25 (2+5) = 7

So this date is a 7 day in total but has the partial energy of 9 (1+8) in it as well.

Hopefully, these 2 examples will help you understand how to calculate and find the total day and partial day energy.

What Do Those Numbers Represent?

Before I lay all of the collected info out, I want to give credit to the following Twitter accounts that I have been collecting from. They are _____

1 Day’s Energy

1 Days have high male energy. It’s a great day to be a leader. Expect people to be more aggressive, argumentative, and possibly terrible driving on the roads. Just relax try not to let anything get you overly excited. Show leadership. Go workout. Enjoy yourself and don’t take things too seriously. You will be prone to arguing but just relax.

Day’s of the month that contains partial 1 day’s energy is: 1st | 10th | 19th | 28th

2 Day’s Energy

2 Days have female energy and are prone to be highly emotional days. On these days, you will want to focus on the logical side of things as emotions try to dictate. Many accidents happen on these days as well. So, you might want to limit traveling on these days. This day is tied to the 11 Day energy.

Day’s of the month that contains partial 2 day’s energy is: 2nd

3 Day’s Energy

The number 3 has a connection to enhanced communication. 3 days are great for networking, communicating ideas, being a go-getter, and making money. It is also connected to childlike energy. People are the most talkative and enjoy laughing on days with 3 energy. 3 days also contain creativity where it is good to work on creative projects. Which is joyful self-expression of your imagination. Create dreams and make time to reflect on them.

Day’s of the month that contains partial 3 day’s energy is: 3rd | 12th | 21st | 30th

4 Day’s Energy

The day of Law and Order.

Day’s of the month that contains partial 4 day’s energy is: 4th | 13th | 31st

5 Day’s Energy

The day of travel and getting around

Day’s of the month that contains partial 5 day’s energy is: 5th | 14th | 23rd

6 Day’s Energy

6 days are the number of family and home.

Day’s of the month that contains partial 6 day’s energy is: 6th | 15th | 24th

7 Day’s Energy

The day of personal introspection and learning.

Day’s of the month that contains partial 7 day’s energy is: 7th | 16th | 25th

8 Day’s Energy

The day of Money and Karma

Day’s of the month that contains partial 8 day’s energy is: 8th | 17th | 26th

9 Day’s Energy

The day of adaptability and flexibility.

Day’s of the month that contains partial 9 day’s energy is: 9th | 18th | 27th

11 Day’s Energy

On 11 days people are highly emotional and situations are volatile. You can expect conflict, unease, annoyances, and disasters on 11 days. It is also recommended to avoid traveling on 11 days.

Day’s of the month that contains partial 11 day’s energy is: 11st | 20th

22 Day’s Energy

22 days are the day of the master builder.

Day’s of the month that contains partial 22 day’s energy is: 22nd

33 Day’s Energy

While there is no 33rd day of any month, there are 33 days that happen throughout the year.


This collection mainly came from posts I have seen from Gary Ginsberg. Just want to give credit as I have been following his posts for a long time and respect the work he has put in to make this available. You can find him on Twitter but they keep suspending his accounts.

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  1. The Numerology Life Path Numbers can be calculated with your birth date, and this number is all about your values and your mission on Earth.
    Knowing your Life Path Number can help you acknowledge the most powerful things you need to release in your life and what your purpose is.

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