Fibonacci Resistance Arcs Settings

In this video, I got a viewer question on the settings that I use for Fibonacci Resistance Arcs in TradingView.

Below are the screenshots. Enjoy!

Pi + Variants

Phi + Variants

SOL + Variants

3 thoughts on “Fibonacci Resistance Arcs Settings”

  1. Thank you for the lessons you put in Youtube… they are amazing.

    My question is about the Gann box Setting in (Gann Box Squaring Using Highs and Lows) lesson. Specifically, how can I got only the angles that make the star shape and hide the rest angles? I have tried to doing from the Gann Box tool setting but could not get hang of it.

    1. GannJourneyman

      To get just the star you would need to zero out all of the levels except for 0, 0.5, and 1 for time and price levels. Also, make sure the angles are turned on. If you need I can post the settings on a page for that.

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